Old House? You Might Need To Get Your Electrician To Check Your Wiring

You might think that your house was built during a time of quality, and as long as you and the previous owner maintained it you won’t need to worry too much. You might want to know when your house was built, as houses built before 1965 tend to use aluminum wiring due to the shortage of copper at that time.

Aluminum wiring, especially when damaged, is a fire hazard. Yes, it might have done the job for all those years, but no reason to risk things when copper is cheap and available now.

Remember to get a professional to do it for you though!

Electrical Surge Protection

Electrical Surge is something you should take seriously to keep your home safe from electrical hazards due to damage to your appliances. Simply put electrical surges are moments when your power line increases its output for a brief moment, due to factors like an appliance requiring extra power to turn on. This can affect or even damage your other appliances, which might lead to one of them short-circuiting, which could be very dangerous.

To avoid this Remember to:

  • Unplug your appliances when they are not in use.
  • Use AVRs for sensitive equipment.
  • If possible, power strips with surge protection circuitry.

Electrician Reveals 21st Century Electricity Reduction Trick

With electricity costs getting higher for some reason, it would be best to learn and practice ways to reduce your home’s electrical consumption. We all know the old tricks such as unplugging your appliances when not in use, but with new smart tech getting more and more affordable, one electrician even recommends investing in smart homes and technology.

“It’s starting to become more affordable, you don’t have to be a rich celebrity to afford a smart home anymore.” – Mark Richards, electrician.

“The convenience of being able to turn off the TV, lights, and AC from your bed is just a bonus, being in complete control of your electrical consumption is the true advantage of this technology!”

Emergency Backup For Your Electrical needs

It is important to be prepared for any situations, even the unlikely ones. Backup power is important when it comes to emergency situations; not knowing how long it would take the power to come back on will affect your survival. Essentials like refrigeration for your food, TV/Internet For your operation, and charging for your phone are a few things that you should consider. To know what kind and how big of a generator you might need, you’ll have to consult a professional electrician for that, as it differs from household to household.